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Saruin Community

10/3/07 04:07 pm - klohei - Saruin's new look

Found in Maria's blog~ They look great *_*


3/30/07 11:47 am - xxxdeathletter - Hey <3

Hi, I'm new here in livejournal and this community. I recently got into Saruin by buying some Shoxx magazines and stumble upon their pictures thinking "Wow, the vocalist looks hot" ;>___> Lol. Anywho I've made banners for people to use. It first started out as just a signature for me to use of Maria at this forum I go to then I thought "Hey, what the heck, lets make banners of the rest of the gang!"

So yes, you can put them in your profiles and stuff. <3 Please comment if taking and remember to credit me! Enjoy! ^^

1/6/07 06:13 pm - tetora_m - update!!

sory for long time no update (><;)
I come back with info about their new item released on new year day.

their first mini album

「業-カルマ-」 (2100 yen)


track list


2.Asylum Garden





I'm so happy for their new release because since last single is long time waiting.

I pre-order already, I can't wait for it!! XD

1/3/07 07:52 pm - qrumi

hu, well i don't know.. so long time nobody post.. .__.
at first.
I'm a (new) big Saruin Fan..
I saw them in one of the Cure magazines
and.. their  awesome look made me curiosly , so i search music of them..
And they're really great ^__^
i wish i could see them live in concert.. T__T'

so thanks for translation °__°

9/22/06 12:20 pm - tetora_m - MISS DEMON Flyer

I scanned my flyer from single MISS DEMON (~▽~~)♪♪


Please comment if you take it (*^ー^)ノ
Credit tetora_m for using anywhere.

Saruin Update their site for new Photo in profile page

Click to their site


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